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DoTheDream Youth Development Initiative is a nongovernmental, nonreligious organization that focuses on using both formal and informal education as a creative tool for developing and empowering youths towards promoting change in society.Our  events/projects which are Leadership Seminars,Leadership and Youth Development Summit,Empowerment summit,Leadership Library’  Maximum Impact,Entrepreneurship Scheme, Responsibility Walk, and Say No To Bad Lyrics arose from a burning desire to reach out to high school students, youths in higher institutions, youths,  and kindle in them the desire to aspire for greatness irrespective of their background or perceived circumstances.

DoTheDream Youths Presentation at United Nations Information Centre during the Planters Conference.


THEME:Youth Engagement for Global Action


The International Youth Day was celebrated across the world and Dothe Dream Youth Development Initiative (DTD) hosted an online summit on the 12th/ 13th August 2020 to commemorate the global event. The online event was hosted via Zoom and Facebook and the turnout was very encouraging.

DoTheDream Youth Development Initiative will be observing the Global Goals Week.From 18th September to 24th September 2020

Leadership Seminars  It is aimed at promoting education, value reorientation and behavioural /attitudinal change, and also seeks to promote the ideals of the SDGs vis-à-vis empowering youths with relevant information that will enable them make informed choices 

Girls Are AssetsThis is making an average girl  learn to live and not just exist. Girls are Assets Inspire every Girl Child to dare do the dream.It does create an awareness of the inherent ‘Girl Power’ to achieve what she has been designed to achieve. 


 Leadership LibraryLeadership Library is is designed to assist students with reading culture especially those with interest. It is a learning annexe for Leadership and Management as well as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals towards recreating their world

 Maximum Impact

Donation of Tables & Chairs

Donation of Table&Chairs , Distributions of books to School Library, Organising Skill Acquisitions Programme.Painting of dilapidated Building

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