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In preparation for the Civil Society Conference in Nairobi towards the Summit for the Future which is focuses on Six transitions Climate Change, biodiversity loss and Pollution,
2.) Food Systems
3.Energy access and affordability
4.Digital connectivity
6.Jobs and Social Protection
, for the planet requires bold move from diverse group.

The Conversations started in December 2023 with DoTheDream YDI inspiring hundreds Youths on STEM as a Catalyst For Accelerating Sustainable Development- also seeks to inspire improve thinking in finding solutions to the triple planetary crises of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss leveraging on STEM / STEAM.

The conversation continues today with three Generations adopting unique approaches in accelerating the SDGs towards Visible impact as we approach Summit of the Future in September 2024.

The event is free however registration is Compulsory. You can Register with the Link.


Tackling some of the greatest challenges of the Agenda for Sustainable Development – from improving health to combating climate change – will rely on harnessing all talent. That means getting more women working in these fields. Diversity in research expands the pool of talented researchers, bringing in fresh perspectives, talent and creativity

STEM education plays a crucial role in preparing young people for a future of complex challenges such as globalization, digitalization and climate change.

To close the gap in STEM, DoTheDream YDI, PRO-ALLY, Readland Global is bringing together stakeholders to exchange ideas and knowledge on how to further develop STEM capabilities to aid achievement of the SDGoals . The conversation will also highlight how to tackle systematic threats posed by triple planetary crises of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.

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