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The DoTheDream Youth Development Initiative is a non-governmental organization that encourages young people to build their world by investing in their personalities in creating opportunities for the achievement of sustainable development goals. 

DoTheDream’s events and projects, which include Leadership Seminar’, Annual’Leadership and Youth Development Summit’, Empowerment summit for higher institutions and NYSC camps, Leadership Library’, Maximum Impact, Entrepreneurship Scheme, and Home Farm, were born out of a strong desire to reach out to indigenous people, youths, communities, and organizations in order to encourage them to see their role in sustainable development as essential to the process of nation building.

Over the course of its existence, the organization has carried out a number of activities and projects with the primary goals of promoting girls’ education, education in general, entrepreneurial endeavours, a leadership library, advocacy, agricultural influence, information and communication technology, and helping teenagers, youths, communities, those who have retired or are planning to retire, and those who are approaching retirement age to take charge of their futures and add value to adults by advocating for them and helping them build their capacities in order to make the most of the opportunities available.

Over the course of the years, organizations have been at the forefront of youth development with partnership from the United Nations Information Centre, the Ministry of Education in Lagos state, the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, the United Nations Office of Drug and Control, the Kingdom of the Netherlands embassy in Lagos, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Office of the Prime Minister in Finland, the Federal ministry of Youths, state ministries of Youths, etc., and have thus far given birth to a large number of leaders.
The team is made up of young people whose goal is to make a difference in the world around them. These individuals are aware of the potential for turning their current location and the resources they possess within themselves into the reality of their dreams. They have come to the conclusion that the best way to recreate their world is to look inward and mine the diamond that is deposited within themselves. Managing Directors (MDs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Veteran Sport Journalists, Musical Artistes, and Entertainment Icons are all examples of people who fit the profile of a true investor. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and hold high-ranking positions in their organizations.

More people have become entrepreneurs in a variety of fields as a result of an event called Do The Dream Entrepreneurial Scheme. These individuals were able to kickstart the entrepreneurial spirit that had been dormant in them by participating in the event, which was designed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in everyone and particularly those who are approaching retirement.

Building Voices For Good


We help youths find their voice  and create a platform for the voices to serve humanity 


Innovation and technological advancement were crucial to the development of youth and education.

Building Capacity with Regards to Thought Leadership and Inclusion of Youth

Production of content

Managing projects and providing consulting services in accordance with our primary fields of specialization are among our responsibilities.


To raise public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and to encourage their implementation throughout society

To encourage innovative thinking and business ventures among young people.

To establish a foundation upon which today’s young people can become the driving force behind social transformation

To provide a forum for the education of subjects such as information and communication technology, the environment, health, HIV, governance, girls’ education, and climate change in order to encourage development in the society.

In order to guide young people toward establishing productive careers.

In order to enhance the overall learning environment and better prepare students for future leadership roles, it is proposed that a Leadership Library be established in each and every government school across the Federation and Africa.

Our Operational Framework

  • Youth and Educational Development hinged on innovation and Technology
  • Capacity Building on Thought Leadership, Youth inclusion
  • Content creation
  • Project Management and consulting Responsibilities along lines of our core areas of expertise


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