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Date 26th August 2021   Time: 11 a.m. WAT

The Day II of the International Youth day 2021 was a highly celebrated event. DoTheDream hosted the event in alignment with the United Nations (UN) and in conjunction with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) and the Foods and Agriculture Organisation for the United Nations (FAO).

The theme of the event was Transforming Food system, Youth Innovation for Human and Plenary Health. Day II is about the exploit of youths in Agriculture, what to do more, how to do, when and how to do.

The event which feature eminent personalities was declared open by Oluwatoyin Aromire –President of the organisation followed by welcome address from Adebusuyi Olutayo Olumadewa the founder of the organisation.

First Presentation by 12 years old David Elesin  (  ) and live presentation from Agidingbi ( ) Junior Grammar School Farm, Omole Junior Grammar  ( )School Farm and Ojodu Junior ( ) Grammar School Farm depicting youths role in Agriculture plus the intervention of Lagos State government  encouraging young people to think and do Agriculture models what the future of planetary health will look like if more young people are encourage to explore agriculture.

Nelson Izah-co founder of WorkloadNg message of Just Do Agriculture is a message for every youths to run with. He emphasize on the need for young people to start and see the opportunities available in their path.

Ahitaghni Das  from India and Founder of Presentation on Innovation in Agriculture inspires creativity in Agriculture

Theana Kuwala  a financial Educator from Malawi presentation on combining efforts towards growth in accessing the needed resources is a key for Africa as a continent to run with.

The Final Presentation by Davina Elesin seals what it entails why young people must venture into agriculture knowingfully it is the diamond


Event Host: Adebusuyi Olutayo Olumadewa                 Co-Host: Toyin Aromire

SPEAKERS             Key Note Speaker: Mr Fred Kafeero, FAO Representative.Nigeria

Guest Speakers:

  • Davina Elesin
  • Nelson Izah
  • Theana Kuwala
  • Ahitagni Das
  • Tunde Elesin


The International Youth day 2021 was a highly celebrated event. DoTheDream hosted the event in alignment with the United Nations (UN) and in conjunction with United Nations InformationCentre (UNIC) and the Foods and Agriculture Organisation for the United Nations (FAO). The theme of the event was Transforming Food system, Youth Innovation for Human and Plenary Health.The event was well attended, with eminent personalities such as Mr Ronald Kayanja, Director, The United Nations Information Centre,Nigeria(UNIC). Also in attendance were youths from different parts of Africa and the students from Ojodu Grammar School, Lagos State.The event lasted for 120 minutes, with full engagement from guest speakers and the youths on Transforming Food Systems.


Adebusuyi Olutayo Olumadewa kicked off the event, and Toyin Aromire gave a welcome address inspiring the youths to have a dream and work towards achieving their dreams.

Davina Elesin delivered the first presentation and talked about females’ role in the transformation of food systems. She also spoke about embracing food production and starting small. She highlighted the impact of farming on the environment, specifically looking at the chemicalised nature of agriculture, which can damage the environment. She explained that methane gas production can be used for good and can negatively affect the environment if not managed.

Mr Fred Kafeero, the FAO representative, delivered the keynote speech. In his address, he urged the youths to embrace agriculture and not see it as burdensome. He also highlighted the commercial viability of agriculture, breaking it down into the different value streams available to the youths to explore. He also talked about the various facets of agriculture, from plants to livestock, and expanding further to cattle rearing, fishery, rabbit rearing, poultry and forestry.

Furthermore, Mr Kafeero admonished parents to encourage the youths to embrace agriculture and its benefits to the family, community, and society. He congratulated Mr Elesin for encouraging and supporting his children and specifically applauded his daughter, Davina Elesin, for the beautiful speech she delivered. He said that the youths could start small and gradually increase their knowledge and experience in building a viable agricultural business.

He spoke about adopting technology and further explained that “opportunities come to those who are prepared”. After that, he encouraged the youths to organise their affairs to increase their access to financial aids. Especially with many government agencies having grants available to support the youths and agriculture initiatives.

An interactive Q&A session followed the keynote presentation, and Mr Fred Kafeero elaborated more on points he discussed during his presentation.

After that, Mr Toyin Aromire delivered a short presentation, breaking down the impact of innovation, food systems, and heath (both human and planetary health). Afterwhich he challenged the youths to take advantage of what was discussed by Mr Kafeero and Ms Elesin.

He also challenged the youths to start thinking about innovative ways to embrace and develop agricultural practices to be sustainable and scalable. Finally, he challenged the youths to embrace technology as a way to create efficient agricultural systems.

Mr Nelson Izah, the Co-Founder of Agrovest and a mentee of DoTheDream, talked about what they are doing today to transform agricultural systems and practices at Agrovest. He also shared practical ways the youths can venture into farming, take advantage of the available systems, and focus on aspects of the value chain practically and inexpensively.

Ms Theana Kuwala, a Financial Educator from Malawi, talked about the importance of the youths aligning themselves with like-minded people and organisations who share the same passion for developing agricultural systems.

She advised the youths to collaborate and establish agricultural initiatives to access proper funding and grants. She talked about the Government grants available to fund initiatives geared towards farming. She also highlighted that Agrovest is a great initiative, and the youths should align themselves with the vision of Agrovest.  Doing so will enable them to create better opportunities and contribute to the furtherance of ethical agricultural practices.

Mr Ahitagni Das, Founder of, from India, delivered a science-led presentation on how the youths can think outside the box to develop new methods to transform the food system. He encouraged the youths to embrace technology to drive positive and lasting change to the farming systems and the environment.

Mr Tunde Elesin, the Lead Facilitator of Character Academy, delivered the closing remarks, encouraging the youths to operate from moral principles as they look to tackle food shortage. He reminded the attendees that there is still unmet demand for food globally because of the short supply. As a result, there is a vast opportunity available to the youths in this space. He also encouraged the youths to remain original and authentic in their quests to developing food systems to create a supply in the food sector to end world hunger.

Mr Adebusuyi Olumadewa Olutayo explained that “DTD” has been operating for over a decade and highlighted its role in providing a platform for the youth to amplify their voices. He reminded the guest that the next event would involve the Youths from Africa, India, Europe, and America. The event’s goal is to explore ways that youths worldwide can explore synergies in youth collaboration.

Mr Toyin Aromire gave the vote of thanks and officially closed the event.


THEME:  Youth Engagement for Global Action 


The International Youth Day was celebrated across the world and Dothe Dream Youth Development Initiative (DTD) hosted an online summit on the 12th/ 13th August 2020 to commemorate the global event. The online event was hosted via Zoom and Facebook and the turnout was very encouraging.

The event was attended by many youths from Nigeria,and the panel of guest speakers was made up of some of the top professional from around the world.The guest speakers joined from Finland, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and Nigeria. 


  1. The Founder & Executive Director of DTD, Adebusuyi Olutayo Olumadewa set the scene for the event by welcoming the guest speakers and the youths. 
  2. The President of the DTD, Oluwatoyin Aromire, inspired the participants to be the best in all they do. He encouraged World leaders to pay attention to young people all over the world to help them ascend to greater heights. Oluwatoyin admonished the Youths to try to understand that success never happens in 2hrs as we see in Hollywood movies. He encouraged the Youths to focus on long term planning for success and, to have a solution-only mentality, instead of spending too much time focusing on the challenge. Finally, he encouraged the youths by telling asking them to understand that there is always a reward for hard work.
  3. The President of World Team Now, based in California, Suzanne Maxx, inspired the youth to make a difference by starting with themselves. She shared an inspiring story on how she wrote a letter about issues affecting the Ocean to the then President of the United States –Gerald Ford, at the age of 10 years. She concluded with saying that Time, Energy, Action, and Money are the new diamond. The statement engendered an inward reflection from the youths and other participants at the summit.
  4. The Chief Executive Officer of Havilah Concept, based in Houston, Texas, YemiSholotan, delivered a message on Volunteering. She began her speech by saying that “Youths form the majority of citizens in most countries around the world. Yemi advised the Youths to leverage volunteering to facilitate positive change, progression, and a way to achieve their dreams. This message inspired a lot of the attendees and generated many questions from the youths. YemiSholotan further expanded on volunteering, the different types of volunteering, the do and don’ts of volunteering, and how to generate the needed momentum for growth.
  5. The Tutor General of Education, from the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mrs. OludaraOkelola, delivered a presentation on the Importance of Formal and Informal Education in attaining global height. She emphasized that Schooling and Education are two different things. Mrs. Okelola went to explain that schooling creates the impression and interests for formal and informal learning while Education is the enlightenment of Mind. She also said that this was the reason why The State Government places a high value on combining both forms of learning a way to enable the youths to become more aware while contributing to the development of Lagos State as a Smart City.
  6. The Counsellor/Chief Specialist, Sustainable Development, and the 2030 Agenda, from the Strategy Department of the Prime Minister’s Office, in Finland, Sami Pirkkala, shared Finland’s approached to attaining the SDGs to inspire the youths in taken action. He shared Finland’s experiences from the Education sector and its alignment with the SDGs 4th goal. Sami explained that Finland provides free education to all her citizens from the Primary school level to the University level. He said that Finland has a high standard of education compared to other parts of the world.  The proportion of people aged 25 to 64 who have completed Primary to Secondary is 80%, and the percentage of those who have attained vocational education is 80%.Adult Education is also at a high level. In aligning with the SDGs 5th Goal, Finland also taking steps to improve gender equality. The country is ranked top 5 in the European Institute for Gender equality, a global index of the World Economic Forum. In aligning with the SDGs 8th goal on Youth Unemployment, Finland has reduced its unemployment from 15% to 12%. The country adopted a policy in 2013 to measures the employment index, called the Youth Employment Guarantee.  The policy aims to ensure that young people under age 25 and graduate under the age of 30 are guaranteed Jobs.  He concluded by sharing the story of his career and the journey that led him to achieve such greatness. The story is worthy of emulation by the youth.
  7. The Chair of the Finnish Agenda2030 Youth Group, Ms. Sofia Savonen, concluded the session on Finland and SGD goals by sharing how her organization functions to add their part in the growth of her country.  She echoed the DTD president’s word that “Motivational words are no longer enough to spur the youths into action. She went on to say that it is time for our Leaders to back their words with action. When the youths’ concerns are brought to decision-makers, they need to work in partnership with the youths to create a practical and implementable solution. 
  8. The Co-founder of and a great mentee of DTD, Nelson Izah, shared his journey on adding value at by creating a solution to issues in the marketplace. He encouraged the youths to always look for ways to find answers to problems around them, and by so doing, they will be able to create a sustainable and rewarding career for themselves.
  9. The CEO of Bridge Missions International, based in Chicago, OlumideAjiginni, delivered a message on relationships. He defined relationship as the ship that takes you to your destiny. Olumide encouraged the youths to nurture relationships because it is the diamond mine. He talked about four types of relationships
    • The first one is having a relationship with God, the source of everything.
    • The second one is having a relationship with yourself. Olumide said we should learn to go on a date with our spirit, soul, and body. 
    • The third one is having a relationship with people. He said we could not go anywhere without people.
    • The fourth is having a relationship with our environment; this is any place we find ourselves.
  1. The ICT and Administration Manager at Drakenstein Municipality, Paarl, Western Cape, Dewit Coetsee, delivered a message on Leveraging on ICT for Global Action. The message resonated with the other guest speakers, and it created a lot of buzz with all the attendees. Dewit started his message with how the adoption technology in the last three months was equal to the adoption of technology in the last ten years. He ended his presentation by highlighting the trends to look out for in the adoption of technological:
    • – Geographical information systems
    • – Artificial intelligence
    • – Robotics
    • – Business / Process automation / Digitization 
    • – Augmented reality
    • – Data analysis and decision support
    • – Inter-connected systems
  1. The Founder of Kohath Group, Teni Eleoramo, delivered a message on the road ahead. Teni talked about the fourth Industrial Revolution and how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Healthcare are the new diamond. He went on to say that The Amazons and Googles of the next decades, are the companies that can chart a cause for themselves within Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics because there is an increased consumption of data and intelligence.
  2. The Managing Director at Allteks Limited in the UK, Don Iro, said that we are not victims of where we find ourselves because we capable of designing where we want to go. He encouraged the youths to find a way to create more opportunities by becoming exceptional performers. He urged the youths to build synergistic relationships to share and leverage the strengths of others and vice-versa.
  3. Marian Ogundairo, a Digital Transformation Consultant and Business Coach, delivered a message on Public Speaking. She said it was natural to be nervous when you are just starting up as a public speaker. Marian urged the youths to know their audience before presenting and to practice their message to have an impactful delivery. She went on to say that there is a formula for everything, even in Public Speaking. She encouraged the youths to be bold enough to add humor to their speech because it helps the audience relax. 
  4. Idris Paulina and Nelson Izah also delivered inspiring messages on the impact of DTD. They talked about how DTD inspired them in the last decade to become more confident and bolder enough to put themselves out and strive to achieve greatness.
  5. Oluwatoyin Aromire Gave the vote of thanks, showed a deep appreciation to  Adebusuyi Olutayo Olumadewa for his unflinching and relentless efforts and then formally closed the event.
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