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SAY NO TO BAD LYRICS conferences and concerts:

SAY NO TO BAD LYRICS   seeks to promote morals, discipline and greatness in the music industry. It will influence, inspire and instigate the younger generation to be clear, deliberate and communicate with their lyrics as against few that don’t have any message in their lyrics. It is about building the next generation in order to maximize their potentials in a way that will build every boy and girl, every young or old, every male and female in the society. The campaign also seeks to promote diligence among the young people thereby understanding the real meaning of music, the purpose of music, and how the music they listen to shapes their future and how their lyrics can inspire a nation towards greatness.

It will give voice to talented young people whose hope of rising to the top is not bright. It is designed to promote music talents from schools by reposition the music departments of schools in order to be more effective and efficient.


To inspire young people to write lyrics that they will love to listen to

To inspire the morals in which many neglect thinking its culture

To make a movement that will inspire the music industry to model excellence to the entire Nations.

To inspire greatness in the youths via the content that they were endowed with

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